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How Much Do I Have To Pay My Ex To Support Them, And Why Do I Have To Pay It In The First Place? – Spousal Support And Family Law

Upon the end of a marriage or a common-law relationship, the separating parties generally do not like each other any longer. They wish to end their connection to one another. I say “generally” as sometimes, one party wishes to reconcile, but the other party has already “moved on” - whether mentally or physically –from [...]

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The Price of Being “Wrong” in Family Law Matters – Getting a “Costs Order” Against You

Family law matters are fraught with so much emotional turmoil. First, the end of any relationship brings pain, sadness, and anger; then you have family and friends who take sides, followed by the practical uncertainties for the children, who are caught in the middle of the dispute. To make it worse, there are serious [...]

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Goodbye “Custody” and “Access” – We will miss you (or will we?)

Recent Amendments to the Divorce Act and Children’s Law Reform Act As we anxiously awaited for the calendar to turn over from February to March this year, hoping for the end of the Covid-19 restrictions and for better weather to come, the federal and provincial governments successfully made significant changes to two important laws [...]

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“How Dare You!!” – Contempt of Family Court Orders

When I was a young boy, my friends and I loved playing the board game “Monopoly.”  We would play for hours on end. We developed our own strategies to beat our opponents, to try and make money, acquire property and to win the game. Sometimes we had a lucky roll of the dice, and [...]

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