The cell phone rings, am I listening?

On the line, a client is bristling.

Their Christmas access has been denied,

Without reason by the other side. Ugh…

Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time.

Gone away, is all common sense.

Here to stay, is an unbillable expense.

To make matters worse,

He won’t stop uttering a curse. Ugh….

Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time.

I’m off to court to bring an urgent motion,

And pretend that I have nothing else to do.

The clerk will ask if I dotted my “I’s” and crossed my “T’s,”

I will say, “no, ma’am,”

But will you please make sure it still proceeds?

Later on, I will get an email,

From another client, who looks like he’s going to jail,

To FRO he had to pay support,

But the sum he could not afford. Ugh…

Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time.

All my other colleagues are going to festive luncheons,

While I am stuck in my office like a shmuck,

When out of the blue,

LSO announces, “a spot audit for you,”

I cannot help but shout out “what the f&$%!!”

On Christmas Eve, I will go in,

To find denied LAO accounts, much to my chagrin.

I will seek their discretion to pay,

I will get on my knees and I will pray. Ugh…

Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time.

As I’m about to leave the office,

I see a card that someone slid underneath the door.

A client thanked me,

She’s as happy as can be,

For all my skill and hard work.

I remember her case from earlier in the year,

When she wanted her kids back from the CAS.

I said I can handle it,

It shouldn’t be a problem.

Even though the file was going to be a mess.

Over time, we worked out a deal,

The Society returned them, with surprising zeal.

“She could parent,” I did assure,

And now the children are back with her. Ahh…

Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time.