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Is It Too Late? Capacity and the Preparation & Execution of Your Will and Powers of Attorney

As the autumn leaves have mostly fallen off the tree, and most of us have struggled to burn off all the calories we gained over the Thanksgiving weekend, October will soon give way to November. That means one thing for many of us in the legal profession: It is “Make a Will” month?  Last [...]

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Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney, and Why Do I Need a Lawyer To Do One?

In one of my recent blogs, I wrote about why you should have a will, and why a lawyer should prepare one for you. With the start of November upon us, and with it being "Make a Will" month, I recommend you re-read my blog on the topic. But when you consider doing your [...]

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Why Do I Need A Will, and Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Do One?

I recently met with an older couple (older than me, that is) who wanted to do their wills. They had never done them before, so they felt that doing a will right now was a prudent thing to do, or in their own words, “it’s the grown-up thing to do.” I agree with this [...]

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