Make My Wishes Come True – The Joys and the Headaches of Being an Executor and Trustee (A Very Brief Introduction to Estate Administration)

One of the services I provide to clients is to assist them in estate administration duties.  It is a natural complement to my POA and wills preparation services. When a person dies, the estate administration process ensures that the will is validated and the will is followed by the person (or persons) named to look [...]

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“With This Hand, I Write My Will and Testament” – The Holograph Will

Introduction As the world watches the terror unfold in the Ukraine, our hearts ache for those brave citizens who remain in the homeland to fight against the tyranny of evil of the Russian invasion. It is a sad but realistic expectation that some of them will not survive the conflict. This is all too [...]

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Is It Too Late? Capacity and the Preparation & Execution of Your Will and Powers of Attorney

As the autumn leaves have mostly fallen off the tree, and most of us have struggled to burn off all the calories we gained over the Thanksgiving weekend, October will soon give way to November. That means one thing for many of us in the legal profession: It is “Make a Will” month?  Last [...]

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