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“Communication Let Me Down” The Importance of Clear and Concise Communications in Family Law Matters

Introduction As a teenager growing up in the early 1980s, one of my favourite bands was Spandau Ballet. A less popular song of theirs was entitled “Communication,” and in the refrain, I get the title to this blog: “Communication let me down, and I am left here.” The song was about the fracture in a [...]

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“Why are you being nice to my ex? And why is her lawyer your friend?” Civility and Professionalism in Family Law Matters

IntroductionOne of the most challenging aspects of my job, even after almost 30 years of practice, is to manage the expectations of my clients. They are heavily influenced by their own set of friends, family and the media, believing that what they see about lawyers on American shows and movies should be the way it [...]

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“Can I ask Siri or Alexa to Represent Me in Family Court?” Artificial Intelligence and the Role for Family Lawyers in the Modern World

This blog is a bit of a “refresher” of my very first blog from early 2019 entitled “Do I Need a Family Law Lawyer.” With the events over the past 4-5 years that we all had to live through, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the changing economic realities (locally and globally), and the major developments in [...]

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“An Honest Lawyer? – Is this Fake News?” Addressing Some of the Myths About Family Law Lawyers (or, at least about me)

As we have let go of the nasty winter weather and transition into spring, many of us wonder what the next few months will be like, so we can plan ahead. In some ways, family law clients must do the same when they have come to a point where they must decide to hire a [...]

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The Secret Password Is … ???? (Passwords, Digital Assets, and Estate Planning in the 21st Century)

When I was finishing law school and starting to practice law in the early to mid-1990s, my favourite television show was “Seinfeld.” It satirically and cleverly poked fun at the simple quirks of human behaviour. One of my favourite episodes was when “George” refused to tell anyone his banking password, even if it meant saving [...]

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Won’t Someone Please Think of the Pets? (How Pets Should, and Should Not, be Treated in Family Law Proceedings)

IntroductionOver the past few years, I have written other blogs on “Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children” (Summer 2020) and “Won’t Someone Please Think of the Grandparents” (Late Fall 2022). I will complete my “trilogy” - as this month of February comes to a close, given that it is the shortest month, I will [...]

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I Fought the Law and The Law Won! (The Trappings of “Self-Help Remedies”)

As we turn the page on another year, many people have decided to proceed with resolving a dispute within a current or former relationship. Some will do so with the advice and representation of a lawyer, and some will not. Those who have consulted and/or hired a lawyer, to advise and guide them, may not [...]

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Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time (To be sung to the tune of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”)

The cell phone rings, am I listening? On the line, a client is bristling. Their Christmas access has been denied, Without reason by the other side. Ugh… Practicing Family Law at Christmas Time. Gone away, is all common sense. Here to stay, is an unbillable expense. To make matters worse, He won’t stop uttering a [...]

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Won’t Someone Please Think of the Grandparents? (How to Get a Court Order for Contact with Your Grandchildren)

Over the years, I have heard many people say that the challenges and struggles of being a parent are finally rewarded when they become a grandparent. Being able to spoil your grandchild with love and affection, not to mention lots of food and other goodies, is part and parcel of the role of the grandparent. [...]

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Blurred Lines – Mistaken Relationships That Some Parents Make While in Family Law Proceedings

Over my nearly 30 years of practicing law, I have seen tens of thousands of clients, and I have heard all of their stories, their sorrows, their hopes/dreams, and their lived experiences. It can be exceedingly difficult to hear, but my role is to listen, to advise and to represent them. As challenging as it [...]

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