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New Year, New Decade, New Relationship – So, Do I Need A Pre-Nup?

As we enter a new year and a new decade, there are some who will enter a new relationship. For those who have been in family relationships before and they have not worked out, ending in divorce or separation, it is quite common to learn from the mistakes of the past. One of those [...]

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Separation, Privacy and Social Media Concerns

As we approach the end of 2019 and start a new year, some people will resolve to separate from their current partner. Along with the usual issues of custody, access, support, and property division to consider, you also need to turn your mind to some urgent yet practical concerns. As we live in a [...]

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Tis the Season …For Holiday Access Issues

As the calendar turns to December, many of us start thinking of the upcoming holidays. Even though the season is originally based on religious themes, many of the celebrations are secular and enjoyed by many in our diverse Canadian culture. One recurring theme that family law lawyers see in the courts at this time [...]

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Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney, and Why Do I Need a Lawyer To Do One?

In one of my recent blogs, I wrote about why you should have a will, and why a lawyer should prepare one for you. With the start of November upon us, and with it being "Make a Will" month, I recommend you re-read my blog on the topic. But when you consider doing your [...]

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Why Do I Need A Will, and Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Do One?

I recently met with an older couple (older than me, that is) who wanted to do their wills. They had never done them before, so they felt that doing a will right now was a prudent thing to do, or in their own words, “it’s the grown-up thing to do.” I agree with this [...]

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“I am in arrears of support – how do I get FRO off my back?”

Just about every family law client I have ever spoken to has had something to say about the Family Responsibility Office (FRO), and it is usually isn’t good. Too slow, too busy, too aloof, too aggressive, not aggressive enough, etc., are just some of the common complaints. There are thousands upon thousands of support [...]

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