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Won’t You Please Think of the Children – How Children Should, and Should Not, Play a Role in Family Law Proceedings

For those of you who are fans of the TV series “The Simpsons,” you will know that one of the characters, Helen Lovejoy, wife of Reverend Lovejoy, is often heard to bemoan the phrase “Please, Think of the Children.” In an animated comedy TV show, geared for older children and adults, we may laugh at [...]

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Time-Sharing in the Time of COVID 19

In the early days of this COVID 19 Pandemic, some people in the legal profession thought that minor differences between former spouses and partners involved in family law disputes would go by the wayside, and people would focus on the bigger issues facing all of us in society, like our economic and personal survival. [...]

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Tis the Season …For Holiday Access Issues

As the calendar turns to December, many of us start thinking of the upcoming holidays. Even though the season is originally based on religious themes, many of the celebrations are secular and enjoyed by many in our diverse Canadian culture. One recurring theme that family law lawyers see in the courts at this time [...]

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