Payment for Services

Initial Consultation

There is a flat fee of $300.00 (inclusive of HST) for an initial consultation (in person, by phone, or via Zoom), to be paid in advance of the meeting via an e-transfer.

Initial Retainer

An initial retainer of $2000 is to be paid to commence any substantive work on file – this is NOT the entire cost of the services to be provided.

Hourly Fee

There is an hourly fee of $250.00/hr plus HST for each hour or part of services provided (this hourly fee has remained the same since 2019 and has not increased during Covid-19).

Interim Bill

Clients will receive an interim bill in accordance to designated steps that are met in a case (usually every 3-6 months).

Flat Fee Arrangements

Flat fee arrangements will be considered, depending upon the service to be provided, e.g. separation or cohabitation agreements, wills, POAs – generally not for litigation matters.

Payment Acceptance

Methods of payment accepted are cash, e-transfer & credit card. Cheques will only be accepted as an advance payment, not for payment of services completed.

Legal Aid

Legal aid certificates will be accepted on a select basis, depending on current workload and the complexity of the file.